CJ Series Jeep Bolts - CJ Jeep Hood Hinge 20 Peice Stainless Steel Bolts Rust Proof

CJ Jeep Hood hinge 20 peice Stainless Steel Bolts Rust Proof

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Hex/Allen Head Bolts - $27.50 is for 10 hood hinge bolts and 10 washers. Made of Rust and Corrosion Proof 18-8 Hardened Stainless Steel. All the bolts I sell are brand new.
PLEASE NOTE!!! The Hood Hinge bolts are in BETA!!! Please let us know how they work and do not leave feedback if they do not work. We machined these to fit several models because there are several bolt variations on CJ models.


These bolts will fit CJ Series hood hinges.