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We are trying to build our Instagram following, and what better way to do that then by showing how much be believe in our products. The reviews we have received have been nothing short of amazing. Here's what we're going to do so you can see what we have seen and spread the word about

Follow us on Instagram - it's that simple

When we reach 500 followers we will give away 5 $100 Bolt credits - that's $500 in free bolts

We will do this for every 500 Followers that we get. Every time we reach another increment of 500 Followers, we will do it again, and again, and again. When we hit 1000 Followers we will do another 5 $100 Bolt Credits. 1500 Followers and 5 $100 Bolt Credits - you get the point

If you tag 3 friends you will get one more entry for the drawing. If you place an order you will get one entry. For a referral that buys you will get another free entry.

Spread the words and let's grow this thing. We have an amazing product and we want to show it. We have sold 1000s of products with amazing reviews from all over the world. 

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**Bolts Credits must be used to purchase bolts from We are doing this giveaway to support our bolts sales as they are our signature line.**



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