Biggest Day Ever

On Tuesday, JeepBolts LLC had the biggest day that it will ever have. I am still in shock, but wanted to share this with the customer base that has grown slow but steady. We have 107 accounts with maintenance shops around the world. Most people are aware of our small warehouse on the East Coast in Florida. On Tuesday we teamed up with the Nation's largest parts manufacturer of OEM Jeep parts and using our flat shipping rates to anywhere, we can now give the rest of the world access to over 10,000 Jeep Parts with over 765,000 applications for nearly every Jeep that has been produced since 1941. This is truly amazing. Overnight we became the largest worldwide retailer of Jeep parts. We will still be able to offer our $20 flat rate world wide shipping with all of these products to over 175 countries around the globe. The 2 employees that joined the team in 2020, they are thrilled (because they work off commission LOL).

Over the next couple months the site is going to be getting a massive overhaul with a more user friendly interface and easier search options to be able to locate the parts that you need. The effect of what something like this will have on sales that are generated, I can't even imagine. This is the beginning of some long snowy working nights. The support and motivation that came from a single person that was there made all of this more than worth it. To have people there with similar visions, similar goals, it creates a team that focuses on where you are going rather than where you came from. It's so rare to find people who will focus on a similar objective, on reaching a similar destination, people who understand and truly know one another. I could not feel more blessed than I have this entire week. Thank You to all of those who contributed to this growth. WOW! lol